Agisoft PhotoScan
High resolution georeferenced orthophotos


Agisoft PhotoScan Professional software uses aerial photographs acquired with compact cameras installed on-board Unmanned Aerial Systems, and processes them into seamless orthorectified image mosaics.


Agisoft PhotoScan Professional

High resolution georeferenced orthophotos and Digital Elevation Models, ideally suited for small Unmanned Aerial Systems.

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Agisoft PhotoScan Pro allows to generate high resolution georeferenced orthophotos and exceptionally detailed Digital Elevation Models from UAV acquired aerial photographs.

  Examples of practical applications Agisoft PhotoScan Professional



Surveying & Mapping 
Agisoft PhotoScan Professional is a great tool for processing aerial photographs and generating high resolution orthomosaics and dense point clouds, as well as very detailed Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM) which can be exported to various Cad formats.


Architectural Conservation 
Agisoft PhotoScan Professional is software of choice for modeling the facade and interior of the historic buildings. It yields extremely dense and precise 3D surface data with a limited number of photopraphs, captured with standard digital photography equipment. The output result is a textured 3D model that can be measured with precision.

Architectural Conservation
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Highly accurate geometrical models created by PhotoScan allow accurate  volume measurements of quarries and stock piles. The high quality data also allow detail planning of the quarry sites. The output data can be exported as LAS laser scanner point cloud and industry standard Cad files for further analysis.


UAV acquired aerial photographs can be processed in Agisoft Photoscan to provide accurate and timely forest inventory information at a local scale. This approach allows practical advantages including adaptive planning, high project customization, and rapid implementation, even under challenging weather conditions.

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Farming and Natural Resource 
With support for processing multispectral and thermal imagery, Agisoft PhotoScan is used to process aerial photographs from various sources. The processed data can be used for analyzing change in vegetation, soil analysis, forest fires etc. Multispectral imagery processing and NDVI index calculation support makes Agisoft Photoscan a valuable tool for precision agriculture projects.


Fully Automatic Standalone Orthophoto Processing Software for Unmanned Aerial Sustems.


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